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From The Eyes Of Wisdom – Coming May 10th

“Wisdom belongs to the aged, and understanding to the old.” Job 12:12 (NLT)

From the Eyes of Wisdom will you take you on a journey.

What if you had the opportunity to know what the future held before you got there? Would you make different choices? Would you choose different steps?

What if you were given the gift of knowledge? What if you could avoid saying “I wish I had known?”

Walk with us as we look down the traveled road of life and uncover the secret to a life well lived.

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Sherri Lynn (00:00):

Hello friends, this is Sherri Lynn and I cannot wait for you to see this trailer, from the Eyes of Wisdom is the name of the project. We take experienced elders and we pair them up with passionate high school seniors, and we just start this wonderful conversation. When I was thinking about how to explain the project, I saw this quote from an author, his name is Rowan Williams.


I must watch the elders and learn the shape and rhythm of being Christian from those who have walked further, and worked harder.


Sherri Lynn

That is what this whole thing is all about. And here’s a little bit of what you’ll see in hear.

Speaker 2 (00:38):

My hand had a terrible accident. Oh no. And it was actually ruined, and so [I’m so sorry.] Well, it was a terrible, it was a tragedy I couldn’t even understand. I was still thinking young. I was not a very sophisticated 21 year old, and I thought, my life is over. I will not get my job. I can’t do anything. I met the Lord while we were studying the Gospel of John, and it was such a shock to find that there was somebody who knew what I was going through and loved me and cared about me.

Sherri Lynn (01:13):

And did you always want to be a nurse?

Speaker 3 (01:15):


Sherri Lynn (01:15):

You did?


Speaker 3 Yes.


Sherri Lynn

From what age? What age can you remember?

Speaker 3 (01:18):

Do you remember? I was going to go to Kentucky and be a nurse on horseback and learn the language of the hill people, and they’d give me a cow and a horse in a barn.

Speaker 4 (01:33):

And while I was in the Air Force, I did have the opportunity to lead three different guys to the Lord.

Sherri Lynn (01:39):


Speaker 4 (01:40):

I did. It was usually at a time when their life was at a crisis and they were willing to listen. But my big regret, and this is a big regret, I led him to the Lord and then I didn’t disciple them, and aside from just a word now, and then they kind of dried up.

Speaker 5 (02:05):

All of our husbands then were given different assignments, so they were preparing for war and they had all of these dependents and children and what were they going to do with them?

Speaker 4 (02:21):

I hear footsteps behind me now what’s going on? I’m turning around. Here’s Corby, the pastor or the evangelist coming after me chase you. I, oh man. Now what’s going on? But all he did was he said, Hey, when you’re playing basketball and you try to make a shot and you miss it, you don’t go sit down. I said, no, you, no, you don’t do that. You either try to get the rebound or you, you get it and pass it to somebody else or something. You’re still in the game, and that’s the way it is in your Christian walk. Something goes wrong, don’t worry about it. You make a mistake, don’t worry about it. Pick it up. Go keep forward. God’s still with you.

Speaker 2 (02:56):

They hired me to do some drawings and working with the Department of Education for the nation, this woman was in Longview, Washington, and so I was illustrating her books that she was writing on how to include people with disabilities and mainstream them. That was called mainstreaming back then. Okay. We became really good friends and I think she came to know the Lord. Hopefully, because I was so still on fire for the Lord, and I always said, he’s the one that did everything.

Speaker 6 (03:31):

A lot of my friends in college, they’re still kids, but you hear, you’ve seen racial discrimination, discrimination based on sex. You’ve had to evacuate your house. You’re coming up on your second kid. You’ve seen some terrible things and well, just a lot of things in general. Do you feel like you really, I mean, you must have really had to grow up really grow up fast.

Speaker 5 (03:54):

Oh, I did. Those things were all life experiences that made me who I am today.

Sherri Lynn (04:01):

So two years out, but your whole career basically was teaching and you wouldn’t change a thing?

Speaker 4 (04:05):

I wouldn’t change a thing. You have an opportunity to change lives. Yeah.

Sherri Lynn (04:10):

If you have one piece of advice, you’re going to take that index card to college. She’s going to… She’ll be 45 years old and look in. I remember what Carolyn said to me. Well, I said, what would that point be?

Speaker 2 (04:23):

Always give the Lord the first part of doing any project. Tell him that you want his help in doing it, because he’s the most, he’s the master creator. He created the world and all of these incredible things that we see. And he has that power to help you if you ask.

Speaker 5 (04:45):

I want my children and my grandchildren to understand a little bit, I mean about what has happened. Yeah. I mean, what happened to me, but at each of those places, I grew stronger in my faith. My faith became real.

Speaker 4 (05:04):

Just trust God. He’s got you there. He knows your name, and he knows what he wants to do through you, and he’ll do it, if you let him. Yeah. You don’t have to have all the answers. Don’t be afraid to ask other people for help.

Speaker 3 (05:19):

It was so important to not think about yourself. What to think about these people and what they do and how you can help ’em at this place that they’re point at, and then they can stretch out beyond that. You need to get to learn those people who they are and what they believe in.

Speaker 2 (05:39):

I can tell how much he loves you and I can tell you love him too. People sometimes said to me, we can see Jesus in you, and I do see Jesus in you.

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