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About This Podcast

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“Wisdom belongs to the aged, and understanding to the old.” Job 12:12 (NLT)

From the Eyes of Wisdom will you take you on a journey.

What if you had the opportunity to know what the future held before you got there? Would you make different choices? Would you choose different steps?

What if you were given the gift of knowledge? What if you could avoid saying “I wish I had known?”

Walk with us as we look down the traveled road of life and uncover the secret to a life well lived.

Hosted by Sherri Lynn

Sherri Lynn has been a radio professional for well over a decade and is the producer of The Brant Hansen Show and “The Brant & Sherri Oddcast.” She has her degree in Communications as well as Biblical Studies. Sherri is a writer, comedienne, and former youth pastor. She wrote and produced a comedy DVD entitled “The Very Funny Church Comedy Show: Together We Laugh”, wrote and starred in the stage play musical “The Bold and the Sanctified” which starred American Idol Winner Ruben Studdard, and authored the book “I Want To Punch You In The Face But I Love Jesus.” Most recently, Sherri launched her new podcast “Snacks and Good Company” right here on Purposely.

About CRISTA Senior Living

CRISTA Senior Living is bringing joy and purpose to the lives of seniors through a community like no other. Providing an environment filled with genuine care is their passion and mission. They are Jesus’ hands and feet to the men and women entrusted to their care.

The heart of CRISTA Senior Living is the people who live there—over 600 residents in our two retirement communities in Shoreline and Silverdale. They offer the full spectrum of care through residential apartments and an assisted living. CRISTA Senior Living provides a full range of services and activities, along with unique opportunities to volunteer in ministry and interact with the children and youth on an intergenerational campus.

About King’s Schools

King’s Schools serves students preschool through 12th grade, providing an inspiring and exemplary Christian education in a spiritually vital, caring community. King’s Schools has built a foundation of Academic Excellence, Christian Commitment, a Caring Community and a Rich Heritage on which each student can stand.

King’s Schools works each school day to prepare students for college and for lives committed to excellence for Christ. Their rigorous academic curriculum, broad range of elective choices, student involvement in community-service projects and extracurricular activities are all designed to achieve that goal.

Each teacher, each day, is inspiring hearts and equipping minds to serve God for His glory.


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