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Leading Brain Specialist Dr. Daniel Emina of the Amen Clinics (Mental Health & Wellness Series)

**Disclaimer: This story contains sensitive content that may not be safe for young ears. Consider putting in earbuds if you have kids present.**

We are so excited about this summer series. We are taking a moment to refresh a few of our most popular episodes from our series on Mental Health and Wellness. If you are headed out on a road trip or lounging in the yard, get those ear buds in and fill yourself up with this content. We want you to have all this in one place.

He’s a leading psychiatrist and is the associate medical director of the esteemed Amen Clinic. And today he’s on The AllMomDoes Podcast with Julie Lyles Carr, where they discuss how to talk about mental health with kids, how we as people of faith should walk alongside those grappling with thoughts of suicide, and how we can support our mental health through physical and spiritual changes. Don’t miss this important conversation with Dr. Daniel Emina.

Special thanks to Adelphia Discipleship School for sponsoring the AllMomDoes Podcast!

Show Notes:

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Book: The Suicide Solution: Finding Your Way Out of the Darkness

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