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The Reason She Calls Him “My Jesus” with Anne Wilson

Her name is Anne Wilson and while she is a newcomer to the Christian music scene, you’d never know it with her depth and maturity. Hear about the moment she realized she had found her true calling, how hardship has shaped her life, how God made a way for her and kept opening doors, and what she learned through loss.

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Anne Wilson: I walked up on stage, sitting down at the piano about to start pressing my first chord on a piano, and I hear God’s voice a second time, and he says to me, and this is what I’m calling you to do. I’m calling you to praise and worship my name. And so for the first time in my life, I actually knew what my calling was.

You know, the Bible he talks about, like, this is the moment in which you created for like, that was my moment. Like that was the moment that I knew that I’m created for this. Like, this is my purpose that God put me on this earth for this specific reason. And that is to glorify his name and to spread the gospel people.

Sarah Taylor: Her name is Anne Wilson. And with the level of character and maturity, she has, you would never that she’s a newcomer to the Christian music industry, but she is with her debut single my Jesus. She actually talks about why she wants that song to be so personal. No doubt some of her wisdom has come from hardship and she’s going to explain that in our conversation.

Anne Wilson is absolutely a delight. And I don’t use this word often, but I just keep thinking of it when I think of her and her songwriting and her life just feels anointed. I’ll let you discover that for yourself. We begin with Anne saying before she was ever a songwriter, what she originally thought she would be growing up..

Anne Wilson: I actually wanted to be an astronaut from the moment that my mom can remember, this is what she says all the time, she says that like when I was one or two years old, I would always look up into the sky and stare at the stars. And I just always dreamed of being an astronaut. That’s what I thought that my purpose was.

And I had a passion for it, and I just really wanted to be able to explore a whole new part of God’s creation. And, you know, we see a lot of his beauty on earth, but there’s a whole other level to it in space that we don’t ever get to see. And so that was kind of the passion behind. It was like, I just want to experience more

beautiful creation. And I loved math and science in school. When I was in eighth grade, we went to NASA and we actually met with an astronaut and they kind of told us what it would look like for me to become one. And so I started working really hard to get in good college, hopefully, and then eventually become one.

And God had other plans for me.

Sarah Taylor: That’s so exciting. Well, maybe your music could end up in space like it did for David Crowder.

Anne Wilson: No, I would love that.

Sarah Taylor: Astronaut. He was, he made a launchpad playlist, like the way that people do a road trip. And I just thought, can you imagine, like honestly, and if one of your songs was on a launchpad playlist, would that be a full circle moment for you?

Anne Wilson: I would freak out. I would have to be there like witnessing all of it.

Sarah Taylor: It would probably let you, or I don’t know. There’s so much in space travel. Now. I feel like in like five to 10 years, maybe they’ll invite artists into space and you can still do both. You can be a musician in outer space.

Anne Wilson: Yeah, that would be so amazing.

Sarah Taylor: I am curious though. So like you were on the trajectory to being an astronaut and now you’re a songwriter. So what happened in between?

Anne Wilson: So it was June 7th, 2017. I was in a deep sleep and my sister comes running into my room. She was like, Anne, something happened, Jacob, will you go downstairs and see what happened?

And it was super, you know, Out of nowhere so I was kind of half asleep and I run downstairs. And the first thing that I see are six policemen standing in front of my front door. And so I knew once I saw them that something had happened, but I didn’t know what. I thought maybe, you know, Jacob had gotten in trouble or something like that.

I just didn’t really know what it was. And so then I walk into my living room and I see my parents and that’s when I knew that something really, really bad had happened. Um, I see my mom. Uh, sitting down screaming and crying and pulling your hair out. I walk over to my dad and my dad is crying his eyes out and I had never seen my dad cry.

And I was 15 at the time. Like at all 15 years of my life, I had never seen him cry. And so I knew it was super bad for him to be crying his eyes out like he was. And I walked over to him and I just asked him, I said, dad, is he. And he looked back up at me with tears filled in his eyes and he said, yeah.

Anne, he said. And so I was faced with the reality that my older brother, Jacob had been killed in a car accident at the age of 23. And so it was such a intense moment for me because I was dealing with the reality of that and at the same time, knowing that I had to make a decision of what I was going to do. The like all in that same moment, God spoke to me for the first time.

I had been a Christian for four years prior, and I had never heard the voice of God before. And so he spoke to me clear as day and, uh, he said, Anne, are you going to trust me, or are you not? And I knew that I had to trust God in that moment because I knew that I needed him more than anyone to get through this tragedy.

And so I turned around and I faced the doors in that room and I said, Jesus, I trust you. And I remember just feeling like this heavy weight that was on my shoulders was lifted. And I just knew that he was going to give me what I needed to push through the tragedy. And so about three or four days after Jacob died, I was downstairs sitting at my piano worshiping God.

And that was something that was super out of, out of nowhere was the fact that I was worshiping God. I mean, I went to church and I obviously loved the Lord, but I didn’t like sit down and worship him with my everything. And I was sitting down and I was singing what a beautiful name by Hillsong, a big song that God used in my life.

And my parents overheard it. And so my mom comes running in and she’s like, Anne would you be willing to sing that funeral? And after praying about it and talking to God, you know, about it and all that kind of stuff, I really felt like I was called to sing at the funeral. And that was really nerve wracking for me.

I had never sang in front of anyone before. And, you know, I was grieving the loss of Jacob and having to deal with all these different emotions and thoughts. And I was like, there’s no way I can hold myself together, you know, on stage and repeat. And so, um, then we had the funeral and I walked up on stage, sitting down at the piano about to start pressing my first chord on the piano.

And I hear God’s voice a second time. And he says to me, Anne, this is what I’m calling you to do. I’m calling you to praise and worship my name. And so for the first time in my life, I actually knew what my calling is. Being an astronaut was my passion and it was something that I wanted to do, but it wasn’t my calling.

And so those are two different things. And I remember just feeling you know, in the Bible, how it talks about like, this is the moment in which you were created for? Like, that was my moment. Like that was the moment that I knew that I’m created for this. Like, this is my purpose that God put me on this earth for this specific reason.

And that is to glorify his name and to spread the gospel with people. And so it was such an insane moment because it was marked this whole next season that God was going to do in my life, that I had no idea what he was going to do. And so about six months after that, I got some friends together and we put together a version of What a Beautiful Name and we posted it to YouTube, not thinking anything of it,

um, just dedicating it to Jacob and it ended up going viral. And then God used that video as the starting point, everything else. And so I ended up meeting a manager in Nashville and ended up meeting my label Capitol and sign with them in 2019. And what was really cool about that whole season was that God was opening door after door.

It was almost like he was just saying, like, be still and trust me and I’m going to continue to lead you in the way in which you should go. So then after I signed, I started writing like crazy. I wrote a ton of songs for the first three that I just put up. It has been the sweetest season. Um, just because I’ve been able to witness the fact that God is faithful.

And I had never really understood that, you know, to the extent that I do now, that when God makes a promise to you or when God calls you to something, he’s not going to leave you there. And there were a ton of moments where I felt like I was like, nothing’s happening. I was like, God, like, what are you doing in my life?

But through every moment, He is being faithful and he was fulfilling his promise to me over and over and over again. It’s just such a special thing to now on this side of it for almost four years later, just witnessing what he’s done in my life.

Sarah Taylor: A couple things that are pretty notable about that is, I don’t know if this is true when everyone receives a calling, but for you, it’s not like you rolled up your sleeves and tried to make your music career happen.

It seems like people kept finding you. Is that accurate?

Anne Wilson: Oh, very true. If I even began to tell you all the details, it would blow your mind because from the moment that my manager contacted me, you know, in 2017, to now every door has been opened and, um, God has it. What’s really cool to me is that I never dreamed of doing this ever. Would have never thought in a million years I would be an artist in Christian music, but God opened every door and what’s also cool about it

I couldn’t imagine doing anything else with my life now. And so it was almost like that this calling, it always been there, but God brought it out of me and the place, you know, wanting to be an astronaut with the desire to worship him. And so I just think that God is so cool how he did that in my life.

Sarah Taylor: I still think he’s such a God of full circle moments.

I feel like the astronaut thing is someone’s going to need someone to go into outer space. You’re gonna be like, I am head of all these other people. Yeah.

Tell me a little bit more about Jacob and your guys’s relationship, his personality, how his legacy gets delivered through your music. And have you had any specific moments lately where you just, you sense him cheering you on through all of this?

Anne Wilson: Yeah. So me and Jake. We’re we’re, we’re very, very close. He was eight years older than me, but we had a very close relationship and he was my supporter and my encourager and my protector.

And I think that’s probably the biggest thing that I miss right now is that he was my protector, and it doesn’t feel like I have that in him anymore because he’s gone. Um, but he was the type of person who would, let’s say he was like, at school in lunch and the cafeteria, and there was a kid in the corner being left out.

He would go out of his way to include them and make sure that they were being loved and that they knew that they were loved. And so Jacob was the kind of person who would do anything for anyone. Like it didn’t matter who you were. He was going to do something for you, whatever needed to be done. And, uh, Jacob was an aggravator.

He pestered me and my sister a lot. So he would do things like, you know, I’m, I’m a very organized person. And so he would come into my room in the middle of the night and wreck my room and I’d wake up to like a messy room and I would be like freaking out. And Jacob was just a well of wisdom. He would always give me lectures on, on the Lord or different things that he was trying to teach me in life.

And, um, I would say the biggest thing that I’ve taken from just knowing him and having him as my brother is how to love people well and how to love God. Jacob taught me how to love people so deeply and taught me about life’s little moments. I used to get so caught up in big picture. Like, what am I going to do for college?

Or, you know, astronaut all these different things. And he would always teach me that there’s so much beauty in the little moments in life, things that we take for granted, like going to the grocery store and going on a hike or whatever that we do. Like those moments are so incredibly impactful that sometimes we forget about those things.

Um, and so those were definitely some really big things that I took away from our relationship and, and knowing him. And, uh, what’s been really cool is mentioning the moments they didn’t have you seen him in anything, so when Jacob first passed away, the day that he died, a dove shows up on my window and stays for a full week until the funeral was over and people were like pull into our house and be like, did you know there’s a dove on your window?

And I’d be like, yeah, it’s literally insane. That was really, really cool. Just knowing that he was with us. And that’s what it felt like. And Jacob was a huge duck hunter. And so there will be times it’s so crazy, like one time I was in a parking lot at Walmart and there’s a duck that comes like up to me out of nowhere and starts like quacking at me.

And like, that was like one of those moments where it’s like, Jacob is with me, like he’s, he’s here and he’s in the great cloud of witnesses and he’s cheering me on and he’s gonna show me little tidbits of different things. That was that it’s been amazing just to see those things.

Sarah Taylor: And the Cardinals to talk about the Cardinals.

Anne Wilson: Oh yeah. Okay. So there was one time that me and my sister were at a hotel and there was like a cartel that comes out of nowhere and starts like, like literally like throwing itself on the door and trying to get in. And that was like such a cool moment where we just knew that was Jacob.

Sarah Taylor: He sends you birds.

Anne Wilson: Yes. Isn’t that so cool.

Sarah Taylor: Yeah, I love it. I can’t wait to hear them and like such an older brother, too. Gosh, his pride for you has to be like off the Richter scale. Okay. So now you have this music that’s finally being released into the world after a quarantine hibernation, your song is My Jesus and I has a very touching music video that whoever’s watching this on YouTube,

we’ll put in the show notes. The watch type in My Jesus and Anne Wilson. Anne with an “e”. So talk a little bit about the story behind My Jesus.

Anne Wilson: Yeah. So, um, whenever Jacob passed away, I started journaling for the first time ever. And so I was like, basically just using it as like a moment just to kind of get my thoughts out on paper and on the table.

And we would just process what the Lord was teaching me. And so, um, when I started to write songs, I looked back into my journal and I mean, I’ve had like multiple journals throughout the years and I realized that I never had just wrote Jesus, God or Lord ever. It was always my Jesus. I think I was writing a prayer saying, you know, I love you.

I was always, I love you, my Jesus, because I knew that he was personal to me. And I had a Bible teacher come to my school in seventh grade and taught me for the first time that God was personal and that he wants a relationship with each and every one of us. And I had always like viewed God as just some big God and he is a big God,

absolutely, but he’s also personal. And he wants us to know him in a deep and intimate way. And he wants to know the little details of our life. I used to think that I had to come in a proper way to the Lord and pray a certain way. And that’s not it at all. It’s about having a relationship with him. Talking to him about your day, asking him questions, like being able to communicate with your father, just like you, would your earthly father or someone else in your life.

Like, that’s what it truly means to have a relationship with the Lord. And I remember the day after writing my Jesus, or no, it was the day of, I was in my car leaving the right, and I just remember crying my eyes out, being so blown away by the fact that I even get to call him my Jesus like that. I get to call Him the God of the universe of my Jesus, and I get to have a relationship with the same God that created the stars in the sky and that for the earth in a certain place.

So. That’s amazing.

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In other words, your passion and purpose. Now back to this week’s episode.

You’re just so eloquently spoken. I just think you have like the wisdom of a woman who’s lived her whole life. I’m sure you’ve heard this, like an 85 year old woman in a 19 year old package. Like, do your parents say this about you? Were you always like this even as a small child looking up at those stars spouting out

wisdom or is this something that’s only recently that…

Anne Wilson: I think I’ve always just had a love for the Lord and, you know, I don’t take credit for that, obviously. I think that God has always just done a work in my life. It’s all glory to him, obviously. Um, but I do know that when Jacob died, a lot of things changed for me.

And I remember, um, just like a perspective shift for me, like, okay, I’m on this earth to tell other people about Jesus. For no other reason than that. And, um, that was even before God called me at the funeral to singing. And I just knew that, you know, it just changed my perspective because life is very short and we only have a certain amount of time in this lifetime,

and then we go to eternity, and so my job is to bring in as many people as possible to heaven with me. And that is why we’re on this earth. And so I think, um, when Jacob died, that’s really, when I began to just mature a lot. Like, I feel like God took these past four years and it was almost like, it felt like they’d been 15 or 20 years, um, because of the way that he’s just taught me so many things through losing Jacob.

And when you choose to trust God, when you’ve lost someone, he does a lot in your life. And you realize a lot of things and you begin to have, I just began to have like a hunger for God and reading his word, like I never have before. And my mom and dad are very incredible as well. Like my mom is like a wealth of wisdom.

She’s amazing. And so I’ve learned from them, you know, obviously a ton.

Sarah Taylor: I’ve heard that from. People that I’ve interviewed, like when you lose someone so close to you, especially unexpectedly tragically, what feels like too soon, right, rather than maybe the natural order of things. I remember hearing Steven Curtis Chapman saying after they lost Maria, that he began to buy every book on heaven that he could, because

he wanted to know everything that we possibly could because he has a daughter living there now. Right. Did you feel similar?

Anne Wilson: Absolutely. What you just said? I was like, that’s amazing. My mom, especially when Jacob died, she went and bought every book she could about heaven, literally the same thing, because she knew that that’s where Jacob is.

We want to learn about him and we want to. So we learned a ton about heaven. I had never really like taking the time to get to know about heaven because nothing was in heaven. Like everything was here and all my friends and my family were here and now that Jacob’s passed away and a few other relatives have passed away in my family

um, just being able to know where they are and what’s going on and what they’re experiencing and the joy and the peace. That was a comfort because, you know, as a parent, I’m not a parent, I don’t know what this feels like, but my mom would always say like, you guys are like my oxygen. Like the three of you are like everything to me.

And so having one of you gone, it’s like, I want to know everything about what Jacob’s doing. I want to know every moment of what he’s experiencing. I want to know without a doubt that he’s in perfect peace and comfort and joy. Yeah. That was a huge part of our, our healing and our just kind of processing grief was knowing about heaven and getting to learn about it in a big way.

Sarah Taylor: I know that you had a moment with your family shortly after the accident where you guys hadn’t really, you were all just silent for awhile and you were actually going back to the tow company where his truck was. Your dad stopped at a restaurant to grab some drinks and your mom decided to turn on the radio for the first time.

Tell me a little bit more about how that was an act of faith and what happened next.

Anne Wilson: So my mom decides to turn the radio and we hadn’t talked to each other. Um, You know, had Christian radio on since Jacob had died and so she steps out and an act of faith. That’s what I think of it, because it was like, we’re going to choose to play Christian radio, even though we are grieving heavily right now.

So she decides to turn it on. And the second she turns it on, uh, the song, Even If, by MercyMe comes on. And we had never heard that song, I guess it had just come out recently, but none of us had ever heard the song and it was the coolest moment ever, because it was like, God was like meeting me face to face.

And the lyrics of that song saying, God, even if you don’t bring good out of this tragedy, we’re going to choose to trust you. Like that was our interpretation of the song. And just later on hearing the story behind that song was so powerful for my life, because it was like, We are going to go through tragedy.

We’re all going to suffer different things, but we are called to worship through our pain and suffering, and we’re called to still praise God through those moments of pain and deep sorrow. And so that was just so encouraging to me. And that was a moment that I will never forget. It, it really shaped me.

And even to this day, four years later, when we hear that song, we cry our eyes out because it was so powerful for us to hear. And it was such a comfort to our hearts. And so, um, I just think it was so cool that my mom decides to turn on the radio and then God has that perfectly planned out for us to hear.

Sarah Taylor: And now the songs you write are that could be the song, like, does that blow your mind a little bit, that someone else plays place like.

Anne Wilson: I know, I just have been calling on that recently and I, my deepest prayer and I’ve already seen it. Um, God answers prayer, but through my Jesus, my deepest prayers that people, you know, would let go of their anger towards God, you know. With a tragedy or that they would come to know him deeper or that they would even come to know him.

And they’re not a Christian at all. Like I really, really pray that they have the same experience with my Jesus that I did with Even If because I know how impactful that that moment was for me. And so, um, I just pray every day, I’m like, God, like, no matter what you do with this song, my deepest desire and prayer is that you would use it to impact people in a mighty way.

Sarah Taylor: About hearing from God. Right. And with such clarity, like you remember what you felt, you heard the question, you know, in the second. After you learned that you’ve lost your brother and then you remembered the clarity of your calling with the first quarter of the piano. How would you describe to someone who’s watching or listening to this and going well, I don’t know if I’ve ever heard that and how will I know if I do hear it?

Like they want to hear and follow the way that you hear and follow.

Anne Wilson: Yeah, absolutely. That’s a great question. So I think some people can sometimes get confused. Um, I never actually heard his audible voice, but what I did hear was knowing, like, it was like engraved in me, like God is speaking to you right now.

And so that was the first time I ever heard him speak to me. And so I would say that the biggest thing that I would encourage people with that are walking through moments like this, is that anything is spoken to you, you have to match it up with the Bible. God’s word is true, and it’s the only thing that we have from the Lord to hold on to.

And so whenever I’m like trying to hear from the Lord, and even in that moment, I’m always thinking, I wasn’t thinking that in that specific moment, but I’m always thinking, it would, this is this like the heart of God? Like, is this the character of God? Um, am I really hearing from him and also another, um, super like impactful scripture that has just been on my heart the past few years is the be still and know that I am God.

And sometimes I get so caught up in, just like always being in, in, you know, places that are loud. And I’m always just like, you know, blasting worship music, or like always on the phone in the car. Do so many different things. I never sit down and just, I’m just like, I’m never still before God. And I think that as Christians and as people in general, that is a huge, important part of walking in a relationship with him is being still. God will speak loudly, but he also will speak very softly to you.

And so I think what’s super important is taking time out of your day to just be still and rest in his presence. And just to be able to cause sometimes you have to be super quiet and still to hear his small voice. And then also just the more you grow in your relationship with the Lord, I feel like the more you just know when it’s him and when you know that he’s speaking to you.

And so that was really that for me, I had known him for four years and, um, had a deep relationship with the Lord, and so I knew without a doubt that that was him calling me to those things. And, and not everyone has those moments. Some people have dreams, some people have visions. Some people have a lot of different ways that God will speak to them.

But for me, The situation on that day.

Sarah Taylor: Yeah. So if you’re listening or watching this be encouraged, like the creator of the universe, longs for you to know, God wants you to know God’s voice. And so, yeah, however that comes in a way, like you never would have thought your brother would maybe say, birds your direction, but you’d recognize it.

You know, it’s just, it’s, it’s part of our, I say no in our knower. Right. I just know in my knower that that’s that. Yeah. Um, okay. So last question before we go. Okay. So you did all that reading on heaven and so did your mom and family, what have you come to know in your knower about heaven that maybe you never thought of before, but it’s very comforting?

Something specific that you’ve learned or now believe?

Anne Wilson: I would say the most important thing for me is the no crying and the no sorrow and no pain and heaven. Um, that’s in the Bible, but whenever we read the books about heaven and we went in depth, it was a whole new understanding of there being no pain and no suffering and no sorrow, but only peace and joy.

And I think that’s hard for us to comprehend in our earthly minds. All we are surrounded with for sorrow and suffering. Even if you have, you know, you’ve never lost anyone or whatever, there’s always, you know, you lose a job or, you know, something, you just have a bad day. There’s always things that go on in our lives that are suffering in pain and we’ve become so accustomed to it.

And another big thing is sin. There’s no sin like that boggles my mind. Um, we’re so used to living in a sinful world with temptations all around us and all these different things and people worshiping Satan and just so many different things. And so being able to know that Jacob is in a place that number one has no suffering, like he’s in perfect peace and perfect joy.

And number two there’s no sin. He’s not thinking that things that we’re thinking earthly minds, he’s not thinking about, oh, what am I going to eat today? What am I going to wear today? Or what does tomorrow look like? He’s all he’s focused on right now is the Lord. And, uh, you know, the scripture and the Bible that says like, don’t worry about what you eat or drink or whatever.

I love that scripture, but I never, I never don’t think about those things, right? Like always like, we’re like, what are we going to wear today? Or what are we going to eat? And I think that, I love that scripture because it just, I feel like it’s like, I just kind of Jesus saying, like, that’s something that you really want, think about and heaven. In heaven

the only thing that you’re going to be thinking about is the Lord and worshiping him and spending time with all these people with you and angels. And like, that’s just going to be such an amazing moment. Those are the top things that stand out to me whenever we really learned about heaven. And, um, that was the biggest comfort in the world, knowing that he is happy.

Like he is, he wouldn’t want us to be sad. He wouldn’t want us to be crying over him. Honestly, where we should be jealous of where he’s at right now. Like we should be the ones like, God, please take me to heaven. Um, instead of wishing him back, we should be the ones wishing for it because he is in the greatest place of all.

And so that’s definitely a huge thing.

Sarah Taylor: Well, Anne thank you so much for your time. Everything my first moment that I met you, there’s an anointing over your life, and so I just believe great things for you. And, um, thank you so much for writing hundreds of songs. Thank you so much. And we look forward to talking with you again soon.

Anne Wilson: Yes. Thank you, Sarah. It was so good to talk. It means the world.

Sarah Taylor: And that was our conversation with Anne Wilson. Almost all of it. As we were getting ready to hang up, I just felt compelled to tell her the following. And I mean, it, when I say I’ve met a lot of people in 18 years and there’s a definite anointing on you, like it’s different in, in a really good way.

Like I feel the Lord has spent time with like the whole, my Jesus story. Like it’s so evident, even without you saying it, it’s evident that you have that personal relationship and that that’s where you write your music from. Like all the motivations, why you do what you do are so evident and they’re very different than the majority of motivations of artists.

And yeah. You have something to say on this platform that you’ve been given. And your heart is for the ones that are receiving it, that they would grow in their relationship with him rather than have a spotlight on you. And because of that, I believe the Lord is going to take you very far. And so it’s kind of like one of those things where as a beauty to behold,

Anne Wilson: The world’s meaning, hearing that come from you is, is an honor.

And just again, thank you. Not only for this, but earlier today, just taking your time to meet me. And it was so sweet to meet you. And I really hope we can meet in person soon.

Sarah Taylor: And I meant every word it’s so much of a joy to be able to watch the next generation of young talent in this industry that I’ve been a part of for almost two decades now.

And to watch Anne’s passion, I can’t wait to see where God takes her over the next 20. As always, I want to thank our sponsor Northwest University. They’re making it possible for us to do this podcast for an entire year. So how about a few more thank yous? And if you want to find out more about them, it’s, which I have memorized now, guys. I don’t even need a cue card for that one. Of course you can rate, you can review, you can follow, you can do all those things, but I would really love it if you would email us, and tell me who you would like to hear on the podcast is, like I said earlier, I love a good challenge and I would love to go after who you’d love to hear the story of how their passion and their purpose intersect.

Okay. So let me know, send an email. Thanks so much. Thanks again to Northwest University. I’ll just keep saying it.

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