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Purposely Presents

Passion Meets Purpose

with Sarah Taylor

Intern Audrey’s Extended Interview with Jamie & Donna Winship
Intern Audrey’s Extended Interview with Jamie & Donna Winship
Live Fearlessly with Jamie & Donna Winship
The Theology of Place with Jeff Neuenschwander
Loving Your Neighbor as Yourself with Evan Craft
The Joyful Minimalist with Kristin Green
The Illusion of Control with AJ Strout Part 2
The Illusion of Control with AJ Strout Part 1
He Made Time For Me With Pat Barrett
Purpose Doesn’t Pause: Finding Freedom with Hope Reagan Harris
More Than This With CeCe Winans
Being ALL IN with Corey Kispert
She is Not Your Enemy With Jenn Schultz
Remaining Faithful in Difficult Times with Brian Bird
Living A Purposeful Life with Jesse Bradley
God Doesn’t Call the Qualified, He Qualifies the Called with Emily Hutchinson
He Has a Reason for Everything
Advent Blocks with Clayton Greene
Imagine More with Stephanie Nelson “Coupon Mom”
Listening to God’s Voice with Megan Nilsen
From Scared to Called with Matt Hammitt
It’s About More Than Volleyball with Sarah Sponcil
A Heart to Spread the Gospel Through Music with Jonathan Brown
Finding & Celebrating God in Nature with Eryn Lynum
Go Figure It Out with Page Turner
Being an Underdog with Jon Foreman of Switchfoot

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About This Podcast

Podcast Description

Charles Spurgeon once said “set yourself on fire… and people will come watch you burn.”
He was talking about passion. People are drawn to it…. they’ll come from miles to see it.
There’s something so compelling… so alive…

Join Sarah Taylor as she explores how you find your passion (what were you made to do?) and your purpose (how do you give back to the world?)

Passion Meets Purpose is story-driven – conversations with people just like you who are on fire… for the right things. For beautiful things. For things that matter.

The Passion Meets Purpose Podcast. Because when it comes to what God is doing in the world, and what God wants to do in YOUR life… this is fire worth spreading.

Sarah Taylor

About Sarah Taylor

Sarah Taylor started listening to SPIRIT 105.3 in her college years and quickly became passionate about the music. She was a frequently-calling, bumper-sticker-displaying, song-requesting fan. Soon, she began an internship and pretty much refused to leave the studio once her semester was up!

For Sarah, the Pacific Northwest has always been, and always will be, home. She enjoys running (however, nothing more than a 5k) and relies on spell-check daily. If you have a newborn baby, Sarah will try to hold it for as long as you let her and sniff its little neck. If you are having a party at your house, Sarah is 95% more likely to attend if allowed to wear Yoga pants. If frozen yogurt is involved, she’s 100% there.

Her husband, Joel, is a better cook than she is. They have three children and a cat. (Sarah wants you to know about the cat. Joel could care less.)

You can hear her story featured on Brought Back to Life.

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