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Heaven Changes Everything with Mike Weaver

Mike Weaver from Big Daddy Weave is Sarah’s guest today on the Passion Meets Purpose Podcast. He talks about the grief he experienced after the death of his brother and how heaven changes everything. You’ll also love hearing about how they pray over people that come to their concerts. If you’ve ever been to one of their shows – you have been specially prayed over. 

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Mike [00:00:12] What? I started thinking more about somebody else. That that really took my eyes off of my grief. I mean, we had a good part of the year to go and grieve and go to be hurt and all of that kind of stuff. But then God just began to change our perspective and show us the mission.

Sarah [00:00:31] Mike Weaver, welcome to The Passion Meets Purpose podcast.

Mike [00:00:35] It is good to be here. It’s good to see your face. This is cool. I’ve used a lot of different kind of programs, and so I’m I’m learning as we go here about your technology because you guys are way fancier than I am.

Sarah [00:00:46] Well, full disclosure, you saw an engineer on my end before we started, so I’m learning as well. One of the questions I love to ask when it comes to the unique gifts and talents that God has given each of us is take me back to toddler Mike. What was a quality that your parents saw in you? What was a way that you now were you then?

Mike [00:01:09] Hmm. You know what my parents are…That’s actually makes a really good memory to me, and it warms my heart. They said when I was one year old that we were at some sort of family gathering that required us all to stay in a hotel. And so some of my dad’s sisters were there. It was something on his side of the family. And so and they all gathered here, all four of us sisters, and gathered them in this hotel room. And as a one year old, he said, I stood up and took the Gideon Bible, which I was holding upside down at the time, and I told them ghost stories out of the Gideon Bible. There was some story that he had told. I just remember the crux of the story was, Are you going to be here when John gets here? And they said, I will deliver that with a great amount of passion. And so it’s crazy because the things in between the time in between, you really have that raw. You’re not dealing with any wounds. You’re not dealing with something somebody said. Between that, there were lots of wounds that discouraged me from wanting to ever be in front of anyone, you know? But it’s like at that earliest time, you know, I was telling stories. And I think that’s one of the things now, because of what Jesus has done in my life, that’s one of my favorite parts of what we do to play songs. But the stories are leading up to the songs. And that’s one of my very favorite things.

Sarah [00:02:34] Yeah, anyone that knows they’re headed to a Big Daddy Weave show gives it an extra hour to 2 hours of time at the end because you never know like where that thing’s going to go.

Mike [00:02:43] You don’t know where God’s going to take it. That’s right.

Sarah [00:02:48] You do something special at the end of your shows. Do you still do this? Last time you were in the Pacific Northwest, you know, you do your whole evening of music, even have that encore. And then then comes my favorite part.

Mike [00:02:58] Man, you know, And it’s a little more streamlined. But yes, man, we love to just let the Lord move and we just pray for people. And I mean, I got to tell you Sarah, my favorite part of his last tour that we were on is there’s so many youngsters out with us on this tour. So we have an internship now in memory of my brother Jay, and we call him the J Dog Road School. That’s what it is. And so there’s four interns. They’re all in their twenties. They were out with us. And also so on the road was the Young Escape, which are four siblings, two brothers, two sisters in in their twenties. I mean, just the youngsters. Hannah Kerr and her husband Jason were out with this, just youngsters in their twenties, but their hearts were so open they just wanted to see God move. They were the ones lining the entire front of the stage praying over people. And we stayed up and just kind of led worship while they were down in their ministering. So at 4:30 every day, my favorite moments on tour when we would get quiet in the room except for putting on some worship songs, and our one of the interns who’s now employed by us, it was actually he makes the playlist every day. We call it Fresh Bread. Noah, show us what today’s fresh bread is. And he pushes play on the playlist and it always is right on time. I gave up on making the playlist after Noah started making the playlist and we get in the room 4:30 p.m. and we just pray over all of the seats just laying hands on each chair just waiting on Jesus to like deal with the hearts. And so then we at the very end we started reserving the last 5 to 10 minutes of that time just to gather again and say, “Guys, what did you hear?” You know, what did you hear from the Lord? Did the Lord show you any specifically? And at first, people were hesitant. I’m like, you don’t have to you don’t have to know everything about it. You have anything about it. And they just begin to share it. And sure enough, we would see those things present throughout the night. They would become so encouraged by that. And then they were ready. They were ready the next day to say what they heard. Everybody had something to say. So I think there’s this here and maybe, you know, let’s…And we’re just pressing into the Lord. Seeing God move every night, seeing them get it and seeing them be hungry for it, including my 15 year old son, Eli, who was running merch for us. And he’s out there praying for people every night. Oh, man, that was that was the most encouraging thing that I’ve seen in forever. It was my favorite thing about the tour. I could go without any of the music almost, you know? I mean, the music’s fine and I love singing. I love worshiping the Lord. But like, man, that was all secondary to like seeing these young people get it in. Man, the way they would share on stage. And I’m sorry, I’ll just I could go on and on and on about it. It was my favorite thing of this last tour, for sure.

Sarah [00:05:42] Can you tell me the first one, the first specific story that comes to mind? Because in case somebody missed it, what Mike was saying, they literally pray seat by seat. And some of these are some rather large venues, every single seat. So if you’ve ever been to a Big Daddy Weave show, you have specifically been prayed for and then listened over for the Holy Spirit, tell me a specific moment that happened.

Mike [00:06:05] I’ll tell you. I will. I’ve got instantly it comes to mind There are many, though, and they happen in ways that just confirm like no, like God just had do this, you know? So my favorite one was before the show ever started. So we’re in the room praying at 4:30. There was a friend who I had actually forgotten that I get invited to the show. I just met him. He was around Christian radio as well, and he was sharing about how he was really grieving over the loss of his mother or very recent loss of his mother. He felt like I was a safe ear for that kind of stuff because my family has dealt with a lot of loss in the last few years. And I just said, “Well, just come with us, come with us and meet us at 4:30 and we’re just going to pray over the room, just come and join us.” I forgot he was coming, but we got in there and began to worship the Lord. Oh, man, God’s presence just it was so real. And the peace of God was just so real. And I’m telling you, when you’ve been hurting, there’s nothing as great as experiencing God’s comfort and His peace. In the Bible talks about it in the full, in the presence of the Lord, there is fullness of joy. And man, I’m saying we were experiencing God’s presence. My friend came in just at that moment and we’d never met him in person and went to stretch out his hand to shake my hand. I shook his hand. He goes, “Hey, man, it’s me.” He goes, “But, well, there’s a lot of Jesus in this room right now” and literally just didn’t know what to do with what he was experiencing. And I was just like, Man, like that doesn’t get any better than that to me, you know? And I just said, “Dude, just pull up a seat, pull up a seat and just enjoy it with us.” And we just sat there with the Lord and just enjoyed Him and that was awesome. But just I mean, because he was just like he didn’t have anybody tell him he came in. He’s like, “Hey, man, you said for me to be…WHOA, God’s like all over this room.” And I just love that man. I love when that happens. I love that so much.

Sarah [00:08:11] I know that’s your highest honor rather than I love that song. It’s Wow, there’s a lot of Jesus in here.

Mike [00:08:17] Yeah, well, that’s because I’m the recipient of that one, too, you know what I mean? I’m like, Yes, you know? And we just enjoy when that happens. It was not that way every single day. But there are some such significant days. And it just it changed everything about the people in the room, too. I watched that happen. It’s so neat man. That’s my gauge sometimes. And you can’t always tell like this… There’s a guy with the stank face and they come in and they they have they did not come to the concert of their own volition. They have been dragged there by their wife or whatever has happened, and they’re there. But then midway through something somebody says or does or just the Lord shown up in His goodness, you just begin to see their face change. And I’m like, I am addicted to that man.

Sarah [00:09:06] I have a name for that. It’s that this is why I came moment. It’s where you fully engage. You know? It’s why you’ve fought traffic. It’s why you found a parking spot, you know, it’s all of that stuff. And then it’s that, it’s that instant where you’re fully present and it’s like, Yeah, I’m where I’m supposed to be.

Mike [00:09:22] I love that. I love that. This is why I came moment. I’m changing that to mine now. So I’m stealing your phrase Sarah.

Sarah [00:09:29] It’s yours. I gift it to you. You mention that for this radio friend that came that he found that you were a safe ear for him. And the reason for that is because you have endured a lot of loss. To lose your mother, your father and your brother in a very short amount of time. That could sideline some people, that could that could pull someone out of the game. That could be like too much, right? Okay, Lord, I can handle my parents. I know they’re supposed to probably go before I go, but my brother God? My brother in the band like…But instead, you have an entirely different perspective.

Mike [00:10:06] You know I do now. And I wish I could say that I could hold on that perspective all the time. And I know it just hurt sometimes. And it does get the better of me sometimes. But when my eyes are on Jesus, you remember that old song, “Turn your eyes upon Jesus?” Look full in His glorious face and the things of Earth grow strangely dim. That dimming of the stuff also includes the pain that comes from grief when I think about him. It’s been a weird few years. And because preceding those years we saw about seven years where we just didn’t think we could hear no. When we were like asking the Lord like He was just moving in power. We had a whole other life in music before we began to see that you know? And we just started to step out like you were describing at the end of shows and just pray for people. And Jay, my little brother who played bass for us, he was leading the charge, you know? And so it’s like a thing that I kind of started, but it was like he ran on passed me and just he began to wake up in the 4:00 hour of the morning. And he’d always been a great guy, had always been a generous guy, but he began to share things from his time sitting with Jesus. And I’m like, Listen, Jay, you could only got this from Jesus. Like, I know you. You’re good for some jokes and you’re good for to help somebody and all that kind of stuff. But you’ve been hanging out with God, you know? And he would share things that would blow my mind, you know? I remember one night I saw, If we have time for this, please shut me down if whatever we need to do. But I remember we were playing an outdoor event in like mid Florida and I look over to the bass and Jay is gone. He’s handed the bass to our monitor engineer who has got his cell phone out, reading chord charts to our songs, trying to play the song. And Jay is gone back in this field and is waiting by this fence. He’s just standing there. And then and so afterwards I get the full story. I’m like, “Jay, like you just left, dude. Like like, the base is a significant part of these songs, you know? And, and so he goes, “Oh, man God just said, Go wait over there. Go wait for Vanessa.” And sure enough, this young lady comes over to him and he just says to her, “Hey, Vanessa.” And her eyes are like yours right now. Like what?? He goes, “God’s never thought the things about you that you think about you.” You know? And she just explosion, you know what I mean? Just weeping, you know. And that was like that just became like this normal thing. Like every day we see these different things. And it was unbelievable. It was like every time, I mean, I saw cancer run away in the name of Jesus. I mean, I saw kidney disease run away in the name of Jesus. And then when it didn’t happen for my dad and it didn’t happen for my mom and then ultimately didn’t happen the way I thought it should happen for Jay, man, that really hurt, you know? And so we were in this place of like, you know, what do we do? And literally, the only thing that has gotten us through this is the presence of the Lord. It’s like I would say, man, maybe there is no God, but except for the fact that I’ve seen a bajillion times when God moves, right? I think that’s why He let all the miracles come first. You know, and then there’s a different kind of miracle when you feel like you’ve had your guts kicked out and you realize the goodness of who He is. And you either believe it or you don’t. You know, that’s the moment you really find out. And I feel like the disciples, because sometimes I still hurt, but I’m like, where else would I go, you know? Jesus was like at some point that the disciples is like, “Well, are you guys going to leave too?” He’d have this max exodus of His followers, you know, because it was not popular time anymore which happens. They’re like, you’re going to leave? We don’t we don’t have anywhere else to go. And that’s exactly what I feel like. I’ve seen so much of the goodness of God. It overwhelms what I don’t understand. You know, I do understand that. Well, I don’t understand it, but I have received it. I’ve experienced it. And it ruins me for a life that could not acknowledge. You know what I mean?

Sarah [00:14:47] I do. We’ve got 15 minutes to talk about heaven. Let’s talk about your song. Heaven Changes Everything and how, you know, we save for retirement, right? Because we can kind of picture what retirement might look like. But unless we have a full view of what heaven is like, how could any of us start storing up treasure in heaven and expecting to go there and thinking of all the beautiful things, if we have a low view of heaven, right? Like that Earth is just something you’re supposed to endure before you finally get released. It’s like you talk about how the Kingdom of God is here and the Kingdom of God is inside of us and we can bring heaven to earth today. So do what you do and talk with the passion you have about having three people that you dearly love on the other side.

Mike [00:15:39] In heaven now. That’s exactly right. You know, we were just beginning to write. It was my very first songwriting session since Jay had passed. I really didn’t think I had anything to bring to the table. But what I love and I really got to experience this. I don’t know of another way I could have experienced it, but in Nashville there’s some really awesome songwriters and one of whom you know. Mr. Matthew West. And so, I mean, that guy can write a song every 15 minutes. That guy, he is such a songwriter. I sat with him and another good friend named Jeff Pardo who they write all kinds of amazing songs for our Our World and Christian music. And they were just letting me talk. They were really just kind of checking on me. And, you know, I can talk. I’ve been doing it this whole time. I just let it all out. I get it from my mama. That’s where I got it. And she could talk and talk. And so I was just telling me I was telling them everything. And then in the middle of it, it kind of just dawns on me like, God, I don’t even know how somebody who doesn’t know Jesus and have the hope of heaven, how they even face this, you know? And I said heaven’s a game changer. Like heaven changes everything, you know? And so, Matthew, in the meantime, after my long rant and I’m finally silent, he turns around his phone and has, like nine songs on it because he knows how to turn it into a song, I’m telling you. And he goes, “This is not like A song.” He’s like, “This is like a record.” I’m like, “Well, maybe it is.” He goes, but we need to start with this one that heaven changes everything, you know? And that’s what we just began to talk about and think about. Because Jesus didn’t promise us a perfect life here, Jesus said in this life, you have trouble, right? So then I start thinking about that. Well, what does Jesus say about Him? And Jesus goes to prepare a place for us. We know it’s a physical place, but everywhere He went, Jesus talked about the kingdom of heaven, right? That what his M.O. He didn’t show up to talk about much else. You know, He talked about the kingdom, and then He put on display the kingdom by works of mind blowing, you know, godliness. Right? And so Jesus says this about the kingdom. He says, the kingdom of heaven is within you. And I’m like, Wait a minute. It seems so far off. A minute ago, when I was thinking about He went to prepare a place for us. He says, The kingdom of heaven is at hand. It’s present, you know? And He said, The kingdom of heaven is righteousness, peace and joy in the Holy Spirit, right? It’s a greater reality that we have been made available to us to walk in while we’re here on this planet and put on example by Jesus. And that’s why Jesus said, Look, it’s better for you if I go on up. Can you imagine his disciples what they were hearing like, No, no, no, no. You definitely need to be here with us or you need to take us with you, is what my thought of it would be. Is this better for you? If I go, I’m going to send another. He’s the comforter, right? So they encountered Holy Spirit and then they walked in that same reality of heaven. Does that mean it doesn’t hurt when we lose somebody? No it doesn’t, but it means that we look at it a whole lot different than somebody who does not have that reality, you know? And so now I feel like there’s a sense of urgency in me, in heaven’s purpose here. Jesus leaves us on the earth with a command. He’s like, go tell everybody. I mean, everybody, every tribe, every tongue, every nation. We’re supposed to deliver the message of hope that we have been given in Jesus, that Kingdom of Heaven message. We’re supposed to take that with us, walk in that. And you know what? When I started thinking more about somebody else. That really took my eyes off of my grief. I mean, we had a good part of the year to go and grieve and go to be hurt and all of that kind of stuff. But then God just began to change our perspective and show us the mission, which is other people, which is every every people really, you know? And so, yeah, I had the most wonderful encounters with Jesus and the greatest sense of peace from just having just encountering his heart for other people. You know, it takes me out of a bad place and it puts me in a joyful place, you know? And it’s my choice to get to walk in that reality, isn’t that beautiful.? That’s so great that He gives that to us.

Sarah [00:20:18] We’re going to talk about one of the ways that you see other people on a daily basis that the rest of us can emulate and we can start right now. But before we get to that, I just want to you touched a little bit on it. You grieved you when you would talk about Jay, and it was so real, so raw, so recent. You would be on stage and you would weep at night after night. And so it’s very important if someone’s listening right now and we talk about the hope of heaven. You’re not saying bypass grief. You’re saying grief is the way through.

Mike [00:20:49] I’m so glad you pointed that out because that is so important. And I think that there was another time in my life when I might have hurt people in that way. Do you know, like maybe I was saying that, like, you just need to suck it up because it won’t be long or whatever. And I’m like, that’s not God’s heart. Jesus said,” Blessed are those who mourn.” And He says, because they are going to be comforted, you know, the Beatitudes are filled with a list of people that I would not have put on the other side of Blessed are, you know. But He says, look, you’re blessed when you mourn because you’re going to be comforted. He’s the one who backs that up. Holy Spirit is called the Comforter. His presence with us. You know what I was shocked by Sarah, too? Is in His presence. He didn’t say suck it up. He didn’t point out the other perspective. He was just there with me. I felt like it was Him with his arm around me. And He just let me cry it all. It was like He was crying with me, you know? And I was so blown away that that’s who He is. And that’s why it’s so beautiful that we have a savior who became fully human. So He understands. He cried at the tomb of Lazarus you know what I mean? He cried, He hurt. That’s the same thing, too. So if there’s anybody listening to this who’s going through it, do not shortchange yourself, grieving. I don’t know that you can put an all right, do this first or whatever. You know what I mean? It’s like you have to go with it as it comes. I describe it like waves, and then you just got to let it out. You got to cry it out. It happens to me some still, you know, and you just got to do cry out. You don’t act like you, Mr. Tough Guy or whatever. You just you embrace it and you just because it hurts and things are not the way that they’re going to be. You know? They’re not right now. I mean, God put it in the garden and He said, Look, don’t do it. Come on. I hear it in Joshua’s voice Today I set before you life and death. Choose life, here’s the right answer. You know what I mean? But we do it. We’re in a broken place because of it, you know? And so when we’re grieving, it’s because that’s not the way God intended it originally, you know? And so we’re we’re grieving that. But when then when you get through that, oh, it feels better for a while and then and you do it again and again and again you start to notice this lifting. And I was every night I would go out and fall apart and I would be like, Oh, man, I can’t do this every night. And it would just be uncontrollable for a while. And then six months down the road, I prepared to cry like I had every other night. I was ready. I like braced myself. And then I was like. Actually, man, something’s different. Like, I don’t feel the way I did weeks ago, you know? And there’s been a progression in this somehow I’ve gone through grief, you know? And then, you know, I started seeing, Hey, I can look at somebody else. I see somebody else crying. You know, I don’t have to have the smart thing to say right now. I can just wrap my arms around them. I can cry with them. I know how to do it now. I’ve practiced. You know what I mean? And it’s like in that thing being together, them not feeling alone. And you’re with them when they’re going through grief, not trying to sidestep it, not trying to devalue it, not to any of that stuff. But then where we wind up is the fact that this is not the end, you know, that we can carry the hope and the reality of having because we went through grief and now we’re getting to the other side.

Sarah [00:24:19] And you’ve mentioned how this has just ignited even more. You’ve always had a passion for this, but you do something new now. A lot of us have opportunities to wait. We wait in traffic, we wait in line, we wait on hold, and you do something now that redeems that time.

Mike [00:24:36] Oh, man. And I wish I could tell you I did it all the time, but it’s like, I’ll tell you this when I do this, it. It changes me. It changes my perspective in the moment. So I love most recently it was kind of the beginning of this tour is when it started this last tour in the spring. I went into a town that I’ve never been in. I went in and I love sushi. That’s one of the big daddy cravings, you know what I mean? And I go in and I sat down at this sushi place, and I just started seeing everybody there. And it just I saw them differently. In that day, I’d been focusing on the verse where Jesus says it, which is that He lives to make intercession for us. It’s talking about Jesus. I’m like the Son of God not only did He come once and He died for us, but He lives now to like, make our case in the court of heaven, you know? Yeah, but you and He’s bragging. He’s like, pointing out the good thing and not the bad things. He’s, like, showing his blood on our behalf. He’s like all of that stuff. He lives to make intercession. And it dawned on me, sitting in this sushi place that day, I’m like, Man, you live to make intercession for all of them to not just me? I said, What are You praying right now? What are You thinking about for them? I just began to dream of the things that Jesus was interceding for each of them, and I just started to agree with Him and just and then I started to come up with things. God, just let it go well, in their house. God let it go in it. And I’m telling you, it was the most like space altering thing for me. Like all of a sudden I was coming in like, however, but I was like, I’m having church in the middle of the sushi restaurant, man, you know? And it was like God was just breaking my heart for these people, you know? And it was amazing. And the grief, where was the grief that, oh my gosh, it’s like mysteriously gone in the light of what He’s doing and a lot of what He had the heart He has for people. Right. You know, it was so neat, man. I try to do it as often as I remember now.

Sarah [00:26:44] It’s because once you see these moments, once you say, God, I want to stand in a field and wait for Vanessa. Like I want You to talk to me like that. You know, once you ask Him and He responds because He will respond because He is interceding for us. And when we want to be His partner people, this is not a special gift that just Jay has or just Mike or like this you have access to…You don’t get a junior level of the Holy Spirit. You have wholeness of Christ. And so, yes. What would you say to someone that wants to step into this and say, “Lord, talk to me and I will reach who You want me to reach.”

Mike [00:27:23] Just say yes. Just say yes. Just tell Him just what you just said. Because He already wants that for you. You ever tried to get something out of God that was your idea? That is significantly different than you just going, “God, what do You say?” And then you getting on board with His idea, You know what I mean? And that was it. That day in the sushi place, it happened. I didn’t go on with it, but I didn’t go on with the story. I will if you’ll let me, but man that day, I saw this couple sitting there and it looked like they had gotten some bad news or something there. And they just and it was about time for them to leave. I could tell that they were wrapping up and I had just received the bill for mine. And so I didn’t know anything else. I just wanted something good for them. I want to just buy them lunch, you know what I mean? And so I was going to go do it, but it was a small place and they saw me do it and they were like confused by the whole thing. And I got into more than I was really bargaining for at that point. But Jesus was within me in my heart already because we’ve been praying for them and they’re like were like, “what?” Because they were only like, you know, ten, 15 feet from the thing. I’m trying to keep it quiet. I’m like, lady can you please print the receipt…? Oh you want to pay for theirs too? I’m like, No don’t say that, you know? It’s like and so they and I’m like, busted or whatever, right? And so I’m trying to not cause a scene, you know? They go, “What are you doing?” I said, “Oh, man. I said, I just want you to know.” I said, “I’ve been sitting over there and I didn’t know what to say. So I just told them exactly what happened. I said I was just sitting over there and I said, I just saw you and I just God just loves you. I said, Man, He just filled my heart with His love for you. He just loves you so much. And I was that I don’t even know where you’re at with God if you don’t believe in whatever. I’m not even here to talk about that right now.” I said. But I said “I really wasn’t. I just want you to know. Man, God loves you and I just love you too. Just because you’re so precious to Him, that’s all.” And then so I was like, That’s it. So I’m trying to get away. So I go back to my table. Then they come over to my table and they go and the guy starts talking and he’s like, “Hey, man.” He goes, “For real, we like really appreciate that.” And shakes my hand. And then it just came to me. I’m like, “Look, dude, I know you might have been through some, like, really hard day.” In his head just shoots down like this and I go, “Dude, I don’t even have to know what it is. But I said, I want you to know that’s not God. That’s not His heart for you, man. But He’s with you now. He’s for you right now. He loves you. He loves you greater than any anybody ever has, you know?” And I tried to invite him to the show. Then I was like, “Man, do you want to come to this thing that I love to have you as my guest?” And they’re like, “Oh, man, that would be awesome.” There’s some appointment they had to make or whatever, and so they couldn’t come. And I hugged them all, man we just heard so big, you know what I mean? And then they left and I’m like, “This is done right?” And then the waitress comes. And she goes… English is not her first language. And so it’s kind of broken English. She’s talking, “So those are your good friends.” I said, “No, ma’am. I never met these people in my life.” And she’s like so confused. She goes, “So you’re just a really nice guy?” Is what she says, you know? And I said, “No, ma’am not actually.” I said, “I try to be, but honestly, I’m not. I don’t even know if I’m 50/50 on that. You know what I mean?” And I just said, “it’s just God.” I said it’s God. I said “I just really knew that God loved them.” I said, “You know what? God really loves you, too.” I was like, you know? And she just kind of nods and keeps backing away. She’s like, not sure if I’m nuts or like, what? But man and I went out of there and I was like, God, I wish the end of the story was like. And then she prayed and received the Lord. And that’s not what happened. Do you know what I mean? But I knew this in my heart for the Lord. She’s never going to forget that. She’s never going to forget what she saw just now. And I was like, And that was good enough. That was good enough. You know, it’s awesome.

Sarah [00:31:37] This is just the best way to live life is asking God when we wake up in the morning, like, what are we doing today? What are we doing today, Lord? Because whatever you’re doing, I’m in. So guide my steps.

Mike [00:31:52] Mm hmm. Yep. And for people who are hurting, don’t feel like you got to rush it. But there is a moment, and I think you start to know it because it kind of starts to be like this thing. Oh, my God. Am I just going to be in this forever? No. And there are other people who can get stuck in it, too. And I know this, though, if I’m having a bad day, it’s usually because my eyes are right on big old unsatisfied, you know, me in the natural. If I’m having a good day, it usually is when there’s a shift and I start seeing something that He’s seeing, which is what He loves the most, is the world He loves. He loves the world. Isn’t that something? He loves the whole world. And guess what? We get to be here in the world. And so if you’re in it and you’re grieving. It’s not going to be for so long. And man, when it hurts, you let it out. But then don’t be afraid to to let go and live again. And that life that Jesus wants to bring us in is all found in being caught up in what it is that He wants in this day.

Sarah [00:33:02] Thanks so much for being here today on The Passion Meets Purpose podcast. We’re going to talk again in two weeks. But in the meantime, if you want to do us a huge favor, obviously you know this by now. If you leave a review, it really helps others to find this podcast. It also helps us to make it better and then you can contact us any time at purposely podcasts. Until next time. Thank you.

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