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Finding Your Mission Field: Elaine and Elliana

At 95 years old, Elaine vividly remembers the places God took her as a nurse around the world. Initially becoming a nurse to help her family, Elaine found herself traveling with World Concern to places like Somalia during the famine, the Arab War, and Chernobyl. Through her experiences, Elaine learned that loving God means loving people and that when one has a mission, God will protect and use them to comfort those in need of His love. Speaking with Elliana, a soon-to-be high school graduate, Elaine’s experiences inspire Elliana to seek guidance from God about where He would want her to go for her own mission field.

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Sherri [00:00:10] Have you ever wish you could know what the future held before you got there? What if you were given the gift of knowledge before you even began your journey? Now, I’ve been thinking about that because I made a lot of stupid mistakes when I was younger, and I wish I had someone to say, Don’t go down that road. But on this one, I’m Sherri and welcome to From the Eyes of Wisdom, where we are pairing an experienced elder from Crista Senior Living with a passionate Kings High School student ready to launch into the world. And while these conversations won’t tell the future exactly, they did reveal a lot we weren’t expecting about how to live life well. Are you ready? I can’t wait for you to hear this. All right. We are back with another episode of Just Transferring Wisdom from a life well lived. I have Elaine here. I have Ellie. It’s Eliana right?

Ellie [00:01:11] Yes.

Sherri [00:01:12] But you go by Ellie?

Ellie [00:01:13] I go Ellie yeah.

Sherri [00:01:13] Okay. So tell me about you and thinking about missions. What is that? What sparked that interest for you? And what do you see when you think about missions or where you see yourself?

Ellie [00:01:24] Yeah. So this year, I feel like God really put on my heart. There’s a new class that came out. So it’s an elective. It’s called Global Missions. And I saw that class and I saw it was taught by my favorite teacher, my Bible teacher from junior year. I was like, Wow. I really feel like God is calling me, you know, to be at this class and really just kind of see what it’s about. So I signed up for it. I was really excited going into that class. I was like, Okay, this is cool. And then I started to really get to know the people around me and it was just really awesome to be in a room full of believers and just really like, like leaning into that and leaning into His Word. I just feel like God is leading me some time in my life to go on a mission. I don’t know when that will be, just I just know that He will call me to that mission when you know when it’s His time.

Sherri [00:02:17] So you have a heart for it?

Ellie [00:02:18] Yeah, I do.

Sherri [00:02:18] Okay, good. So let’s talk. Let’s talk to Elaine, who has done this with her life. Yes. Elaine, you didn’t, but you didn’t start out like, Hey, I’m going to do missions, medical missions. You started out as a nurse?

Elaine [00:02:33] Yes. Yes.

Sherri [00:02:34] Did you always want to be a nurse?

Elaine [00:02:36] Yes.

Sherri [00:02:37] From what age? What age can you remember?

Elaine [00:02:39] You remember I was going to go to Kentucky and be a nurse on horseback.

Sherri [00:02:44] Okay.

Elaine [00:02:45] And learn the language of the hill people.

Sherri [00:02:47] Okay?

Elaine [00:02:48] And they’d give me a cow and a horse and a barn.

Sherri [00:02:54] That was your dream?

Elaine [00:02:55] Yeah well and so I was of course, I was raised on a farm. So, you know, I thought, Wow, that’s pretty great.

Sherri [00:03:01] Okay.

Elaine [00:03:02] Are they going to bring hay every month? And what are they going to.

Sherri [00:03:05] You’re going to be a horseback nurse? Okay.

Elaine [00:03:07] And I wanted to when I got out of being a nurse, I mean, when I got my R.N.. I wanted to raise money to give to my parents to gravel roads so they could get out of the farm much easier. And so my goal was find a job that I could because it was a struggle.

Sherri [00:03:36] So you’re thinking, I’m going to be a nurse. I’m going to make enough money to pave the road here so that my dad doesn’t have to work so hard. You know, getting out in the snow? You know, maybe I’ll get on a horse back in Kentucky and do some stuff there. As a nurse, that’s your thought process, right? When you become a nurse and then your father dies of cancer, is that correct?

Elaine [00:03:58] Yes.

Sherri [00:03:59] And so your mom then comes to live with you?

Elaine [00:04:02] Yes. Yes. But she couldn’t run the farm.

Sherri [00:04:04] Right. And so was she. I hear this like, was there some dementia there or was she?

Elaine [00:04:10] Well, not when she first moved with me.

Sherri [00:04:13] Okay. But as she was getting older?

Elaine [00:04:15] She was the woman who sat me down with my brother and we had Bible study. And you know, I I don’t remember names and things that which stories she’d tell me. But I was so interested in the maps in the back of my Bible that showed where Paul walked and where and all of those things. When I look back on that now…

Sherri [00:04:41] You went to a lot of those places.

Ellie [00:04:42] I did that and I had no idea that’s where I was going to go.

Sherri [00:04:47] Oh, my goodness. Look, just things like that make me I don’t want to say happy. It’s just I love when you can see the hand of God. I just saw His fingerprints somewhere. You’re looking in the back of the Bible. You see the maps? Oh, look at that. And then fast forward and God’s like, you’re going to go to all those places, right? So tell me how you started even getting into missions. From what I understand, your mom had was getting not well. She was in a nursing home that you didn’t quite like.

Elaine [00:05:20] Yes. So I knew I had to find another place.

Sherri [00:05:23] And how did you go about doing that?

Elaine [00:05:25] Well, I drove by Crista, on my way downtown. I saw this whole Crista lay out and all the cars, and I knew that it had to do with religion.

Sherri [00:05:40] Yeah.

Elaine [00:05:40] I thought, well, you know, I ought to go in there and check and see if they would take her. And I told them that she was a wonderful Christian lady and I needed to find a place that she would find love and care. And I said, and I’ll work for you for nothing if you let me take her, bring her in.

Sherri [00:06:06] As a nurse?

Elaine [00:06:10] Yes and he just smiled and he said, “Well, why don’t you bring her in tomorrow?” Well, it was so exciting because I knew nothing about Crista. I didn’t even know it was called King’s Garden.

Sherri [00:06:24] Okay.

Elaine [00:06:25] And so I’ve got a rocking chair, and I had that in the room, and I brought her in the next morning. She had had a stroke at night and never spoke again, which was so, so hard for me to understand. You know, where’s God, you know? I finally found a place that. She would have loved this. Well, I started taking care of everybody else that was there and her. And I fed these people and I wiped the urine off of the floor.

Sherri [00:07:05] So you’re volunteering like you said you would?

Elaine [00:07:07] Yes.

Sherri [00:07:08] Yeah.

Elaine [00:07:08] And I started a program for the men because they had nothing to do. So I had my husband make toys and they sanded them. So I think they finally got tired of me running around doing all this. And one of the women in rehab said, “Oh, Elaine, you should go up to World Concern?They’re looking for a nurse.” At that time, there was a Medicines for Mission. Have you ever heard that?

Sherri [00:07:37] Yes. And from what I understand is, that is this like, okay, samples at a doctor? They have too much medicine here. Let’s give this over to this mission and you can give it out to the world. Right? Okay so at some point, they are sending medicine to other countries who requested. Is that right?

Elaine [00:07:56] Yes. They were a mission that was out there. And they had medical people.

Sherri [00:08:05] In another country?

Elaine [00:08:06] Yes. Oh, yes. So I decided that they need to be medical people ordering this. Otherwise, what were they doing with this?

Sherri [00:08:17] Yeah. This is where the warrior starts coming in and laying. Because from when I was reading your story, it was almost as if you’re like, okay, we’re sending these things out there. I don’t know who’s requesting it. I don’t know who I’m giving it to. I don’t know what they’re doing with it. So I’ll go check and see what’s going on.

Elaine [00:08:34] That’s right.

Sherri [00:08:34] That’s what you did?

Elaine [00:08:35] That’s what I did.

Sherri [00:08:36] And you wanted to hold them accountable? What was your very first overseas trip?

Elaine [00:08:43] Somalia.

Sherri [00:08:44] Somalia. And all of these wonderful stories that really get to here. You do have a husband who seems to be cheering you on.

Elaine [00:08:51] That’s right.

Sherri [00:08:52] And is really excited that his wife is out there. That is…

Ellie [00:08:55] So incredible.

Sherri [00:08:55] Incredible. I think rare. I’m not sure it’s rare.

Elaine [00:08:59] He was very special.

Sherri [00:09:02] Tell me what was it about him that was like, “Go for it.”

Elaine [00:09:05] Here I’m sitting with all these people and I was the only woman.

Sherri [00:09:09] Yeah, of course.

Elaine [00:09:14] And so they immediately began doing my passport and getting my visa and calling on airlines I would go out on.

Sherri [00:09:23] And you haven’t talked to Earl yet.

Elaine [00:09:25] You know, but I wasn’t even thinking of that. I thought, how am I going to tell Earl and I’m sitting and I finally I just said, “Earl, I’m going to go to Somalia.” .

Ellie [00:09:37] Just straight up said it?

Elaine [00:09:39] Yes.

Ellie [00:09:40] Oh, wow.

Sherri [00:09:41] Honesty is the best policy.

Elaine [00:09:42] And he turned to me and he said, “When do you leave?” And so I began to tell him about these 40,000 people and he said, “Well, honey, that’s all right.” He says, “You know, I know you’ll do something good for those people. And you’re following what you wanna do.” So when I arrived. I still went through all kinds of crazy things by myself.

Sherri [00:10:17] I don’t know why I thought you went with the team?

Ellie [00:10:19] Yeah, I thought so too.

Elaine [00:10:21] No, they came later. They came after I got there. And they organized a Landrover car, so we’d have a way we could pull people out of the sand and we could push or they could, you know, and so…

Sherri [00:10:38] Okay. Yeah. So is it true that did you get bit by a scorpion?

Elaine [00:10:41] Yes.

Ellie [00:10:42] What??

Elaine [00:10:42] Yes, on this finger. We slept in a tent.

Sherri [00:10:54] Oh, okay. All right.

Elaine [00:10:56] Well, we had a big tent, and the doctor and his wife. And then we strung a rope across the middle of it, and they lived on one side and I lived on the other side of the road. And we had just a tarp on the ground. So what wasn’t connected to the walls.

Sherri [00:11:13] Mhm.

Elaine [00:11:14] And it was pouring rain. Just pouring rain and the water was coming in on this tarp and we had a lot of our food there.

Sherri [00:11:22] Yeah.

Elaine [00:11:23] And so I got up and I reached my hand to pull up the tarp and he got me. It was the most excruciating pain I’ve ever felt. It was like I put my finger in a fire. It was just terrible. So the doc, we both knew where this stick is and they had made the doctors had made a…I guess you can just call it a medicine room.

Sherri [00:11:52] Yeah. Okay.

Elaine [00:11:53] And so we knew we had some Novocain there. So we’ve got we got to go.

Sherri [00:11:57] So, Elaine, I’m listening to the story and I’m like, and I’m sure I’m going to ask you this when you were in other countries, it’s going to be the same question. There’s no point where you’re like, I’m going home. Like enough of this I’m going home.

Elaine [00:12:08] Oh, my goodness, no.

Sherri [00:12:10] Really? I would to took my stuff back in the Land Rover and I’m headed back home.

Elaine [00:12:15] I just got stung by a scorpion I’m going home.

Sherri [00:12:17] There’s no point. You’re just like the mission is the mission.

Elaine [00:12:20] Yes. I was on a mission. I was out to help 60,000 people, you know, which, you know, is pretty stupid way to look at it.

Sherri [00:12:30] No it’s not. I’m in awe of it. So tell me your thoughts about doing missions now. Here’s what I will say is, to go through that you better be called.

Ellie [00:12:43] Yeah, that’s what I’m saying. Yeah. I was going to say, just the amount of faith that you have to have, you know, to be able to go and do that and go here.

Elaine [00:12:51] Your other life here is not there.

Ellie [00:12:54] Exactly. You know, it’s just amazing. I mean, you really have to be called to be able to do that. And I feel like I have always loved helping people. And just no matter what condition, I just feel called to that.

Sherri [00:13:09] What do you feel about traveling? Have you wanted to do that?

Ellie [00:13:12] I mean, yeah, I’d love to travel. I would want to study abroad, but I’m playing soccer in college, so I can’t only do that. But I really would love to travel. Yeah.

Sherri [00:13:22] Okay, so we’re going to go from Somalia, and now I’d like you to go to the war in Lebanon.

Ellie [00:13:28] Oh, wow.

Sherri [00:13:30] Because you were you were there.

Elaine [00:13:32] They notified me that there was a mission that needed three nurses to go to the war and work in the hospital there in Beirut.

Sherri [00:13:44] And again, your hand goes up.

Elaine [00:13:46] Oh, well, yeah, I was on my way. Yeah.

Sherri [00:13:50] That’s amazing.

Elaine [00:13:50] We had to get a gunboat across the Mediterranean at night to get into Lebanon. It finally got us into Lebanon.

Sherri [00:14:02] Mm hmm.

Elaine [00:14:04] And rockets were shooting off of the hills, and we got to a building, and then we got up on top of this building to see wait for somebody to come and get us. And this man said, he says, “Well, where are you from?” And so I said, “We were from Seattle.” And so he said, “Well, I’m glad to meet you. I’m Peter Jennings.” Well, I almost fell off the building top.

Sherri [00:14:33] You didn’t notice him?

Elaine [00:14:33] I’d love to hear him give the news. He was so great. That was the starting of the war. So they filled containers with concrete to block off streets. So you couldn’t burn it down or anything so that we had to weave our way around and to get into this hospital.

Sherri [00:14:57] And did I also read that it was someone pulled a gun on you or some of the nurses or did someone have a gun?

Elaine [00:15:06] Yes, yes, yes. I always wore my uniform because at least they knew.

Sherri [00:15:11] You’re a nurse.

Elaine [00:15:12] Yeah. And in the streets you never parked in the streets. You parked on the sidewalk because tanks would go down the street and run right over the top of your car if you left it, you know? So walking, that was my one fear was that that because there are a lot of car bombs. You know, and it’s no way out of that. So I was walking back to the hospital and this guy came with his gun and he pointed it at me, and he just.

Sherri [00:15:41] Were you by yourself or were the other nurses with you?

Elaine [00:15:44] No, I was by myself.

Sherri [00:15:50] Obviously you’re here. You made it, but oh, my goodness.

Elaine [00:15:52] So he held that gun on me and I stood there like there was cars right there. And I’m here and he’s here, and I didn’t want to walk by him and I just smiled at him.

Ellie [00:16:07] Oh, wow.

[00:16:09] And he put the gun down. Walked away. Wow. I thought God really told you what to do.

Sherri [00:16:16] Yeah. There’s an angel somewhere here that I didn’t see. But you saw it and thank God.

Elaine [00:16:21] Yeah.

Sherri [00:16:21] How long were you there in Lebanon?

Elaine [00:16:23] Oh, we were there for months and the sad part was there’s two joy. The sad part was that we had we worked in the hospital in the daytime, and I was assigned to a little boy who was spraying his bicycle with a blue spray in his apartment. And the firing went through and exploded the can, and he was just burned all over. He had a mother and a grandmother and family. And so they were there every day with him. I wished I had the language so that I could talk with him other than hugs and, you know, his body just eventually just fell apart. I was heartbroken. Because, well, just because I couldn’t save him, I guess. At night we would go out on the street and the people who were shot or injured or whatever, we’d drag them into a building where it was dark. And we would had flashlights in our mouth so we could see what we were doing and we kind of did first aid at night. It was terrible. People, the apartments, they blast off the front. You would see them walking up there cooking.

Sherri [00:17:56] With the whole front of the apartment building gone?

Elaine [00:17:58] Everything gone. And they were, you know, six or seven floors out and people were weeping. And they you know, they dropped an air bomb down on a chimney in our building, which was just to make noise. Well, that was pretty scary.

Sherri [00:18:18] I’m sure, because you think you’re getting blown up there

Elaine [00:18:20] Well, yeah. You know, I knew I felt I needed to be there, but I knew that this was a pretty tragic place to be.

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Sherri [00:19:14] I want to go to Ellie, because I do want to ask you with these stories that we have now. Tell me what you’re thinking about missions. Tell me where you see yourself. Can you see yourself over there? Literally. What are your thoughts hearing these stories? Very real stories from a person who’s lived this stuff?

Ellie [00:19:32] It’s crazy to really hear it from somebody who has experienced it, because we usually just hear stories like, Oh, this happened. It just doesn’t seem real.

Sherri [00:19:44] Do you have any questions?

Elaine [00:19:46] Well, I avoided I hope that my stories really have a feeling, a meaning to you.

Ellie [00:19:52] Really? They really do.

Elaine [00:19:52] That it really happens.

Ellie [00:19:54] It really does. Just we just hear about it. I mean, we don’t really, like, really think about it.

Elaine [00:20:00] Well, you know, in Somalia when somebody dies, they have to wrap them in something white to bury them. And we finally ran out of nightgowns and anything that was white. Now, that was something I learned about their culture.

Sherri [00:20:16] And I’m sure you’re learning along the way because it’s so different. Did you say you have a question?

Ellie [00:20:21] Yes, I did have a question. So I was wondering how you got the money to go to all these places? Because I feel like that’s a really big factor in like mission trips and like, did you get donations or did you fundraise?

Elaine [00:20:35] Oh, I fundraised before I left.

Ellie [00:20:38] Yeah.

Elaine [00:20:38] But they also would arrange, you had my tickets arranged, you know, in places that I couldn’t do it.

Sherri [00:20:50] I’m sure we have to wrap up, but I just want if you can tell me, just. How long were you in Chernobyl?

Elaine [00:20:59] Well, you know. Can I just tell you about Chernobyl?

Ellie [00:21:03] Yes, please.

Elaine [00:21:06] World Concern received this letter from Kiev.

Sherri [00:21:12] Okay.

Elaine [00:21:12] That could we come and help them? That they had no medicines and that things were really bad and they were controlled by Russia at that time. And that was 91. Mm hmm. And they couldn’t speak their native language. They had to always work in Russian. And, I mean, it was controlled. We met as a church in an old house.

Sherri [00:21:37] When you were there?

Elaine [00:21:38] Yes because they had no churches. They had the Orthodox Church. But they didn’t have anything else.

Sherri [00:21:47] What were you there to do? To do nursing or work in a hospital or something?

Elaine [00:21:50] Yes. Oh, yes, I did that. And I taught these women how to do till the flannel grass. You know that you tell stories. You put the people, you have to cut out things.

Sherri [00:22:02] Yeah. Yeah.

Elaine [00:22:04] And so I arranged for a team of ten women who would go in the schools, and the teacher would leave for an hour. And this Bible teacher then could tell the story. Well, that was really great. So I came home and I got some more stuff and went back, and they all their fingers were all bandaged up. They didn’t have any scissors except those little paper scissors that you have. Yeah. They were all blistered everything. I never, you know, dreamed. So that was my beginning to know the basic things. Then I found that the guy that scrubbed the floor, the doctor, any other nurses, they set that time and they come in and listen to these Bible stories. And so that was wonderful. And I brought instruments to them and they had just rusty old stuff. Oh, it was terrible.

Sherri [00:23:10] How long were you there again?

Elaine [00:23:11] 13 years.

Sherri [00:23:12] So you’re going back and forth for 13 years?

Elaine [00:23:15] Yes. Yes. But what happened, the President of World Concern wrote to them and told them that we only went to third world countries. And where they didn’t have school and met us, you know, and all this. And they wrote back and said, “Please come and visit us and you’ll see what I mean.” So the President said, “Well, Elaine, let’s go. Let’s go see what it is.” Well, when we got back, they said, well, you know, they really need, they do really need help.

Sherri [00:23:50] Mhm.

Elaine [00:23:52] But we were in the budget year that we couldn’t take any know them because you know, that was it. So I said, “Okay I’ll come and you don’t have to pay me anything and just put me on as I am an employee and pay me a dollar a year.

Sherri [00:24:17] To go back and forth?

Elaine [00:24:18] Yeah and I’ll raise the money and I’ll do it. So I started with the orphanage and just terrible kids that wet the bed so many times that it had rotted a hole and they were sleeping on cardboard over the hole. Food was terrible. They didn’t have enough dishes.

Sherri [00:24:37] So you’re there and year by year, you’re gradually making things better?

Elaine [00:24:44] Oh, yes. Oh, yes. Oh, my goodness.

Sherri [00:24:47] For a dollar a year?

Elaine [00:24:48] Yes. And then sometimes I’d come home and he’d said, “Did I pay you this year?” And he get down on his knee and hand me a dollar. I made $13. I came back to to raise the money. And so I had pictures of things and it rained. When it rained, the water ran down the walls inside and it stopped it. It stopped. It was just terrible. The toilets didn’t work and everything. So I had pictures for it like this. And so I said when I was coming back, I said, “What could I bring you that you really need?” And she says, “A roof for the building.” A week after I got back, I was really troubled about this and the president called me and he said, “You know, I got a call from a guy that works for Microsoft and he quit because he had to manage his money. And he has adopted seven Russian kids and he’s not having very good luck with them.” And he said, “I think that you guys know how to do this better than I do.” And he asked would we be interested? And so I had a call from the president and he said, “And do you know an orphanage needs any help?” I mean, God. He let me stew for a little while. And I said, “Do I know an orphanage?” So I said, “Let’s go see this man counting his money.

Sherri [00:26:33] Mm hmm.

Elaine [00:26:34] So I took my pictures and I went out there and showed them all of that and told him, you know, we’d had a nice talk and he’s nice man and everything. And that was that. And a week later, he sent me $50,000. $50,000. Oh, my goodness. We put a roof on there. We built an outside toilet in case they didn’t make the other thing. Everybody had a new bed and a new mattress and a little rug. And I papered the walls of this for these kids. Those kids didn’t fight anymore. They worked to keep this all up because they could have the television for a week if they won the prize of the best room.

Sherri [00:27:26] Wow.

Elaine [00:27:27] I got them dishes so that everybody could eat at the same time. And I killed all the bugs. It was. It was marvelous.

Sherri [00:27:33] Now I understand why It’s 13 years because you were incrementally…

Elaine [00:27:38] Oh and every time I go out, I made them account for every penny. Every penny. And I made them assure me that they would hire men from the church that had the skills and that they would be paid and that we would hire outside the church. So he did and it was wonderful.

Sherri [00:28:07] It sounds like…This is what I again, love about it is when you can just be able to point to God’s faithfulness. You can point to God’s faithfulness. I want you to take that from that. And I also want to give you this because that and I want to give you this. Okay. Elaine, Ellie’s, thinking about missions, you have given her some stories where she’s like woooo!

Elaine [00:28:32] Oh, she’s got to come see me down in Crestwood.

Ellie [00:28:38] Oh yes of course I will. I’d love to hear so much, so many more.

Sherri [00:28:39] If she says, Hey, give me one piece of advice that I’ll have for the rest of my life on this card. I’ll be 30. I’ll look at this card. I’ll be 40. Look at this card. Remember, Elaine told me this is the one piece of advice you need for your life. What would that be?

Elaine [00:28:56] Well, Ellie I think you need to be a nurse.

Ellie [00:29:01] Oh, wow.

Elaine [00:29:03] You get in to a medical. So because all these places have sick people. They’re all suffering. They die from poor water or what? And we learned this by Haiti. We went down to Haiti. And because they didn’t have a church, they didn’t have a school. And so we were going we got people and we sent people down there, too. And they said, we don’t want that. We need a road out of here so we can sell the produce, so we’ll have the money to do those things. So, you need to think not what YOU think they need, but what they say THEY need?

Sherri [00:29:49] I think the life lesson, a lot of times we do for people what we think they need instead of listening and asking about what they actually need.

Elaine [00:29:58] That Haiti trip made and it changed our whole program at World Concern.

Sherri [00:30:04] But that’s a life lesson like in relationships, friendships, whatever it is…It’s am I listening to see what you actually need? Or am I presupposing what I think that you need and they’re giving you that and you don’t actually need it.

Elaine [00:30:21] Well, no, and you haven’t helped them at all.

Sherri [00:30:23] Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. This is so good ladies. Thank you so much. Oh, my gosh the life you’ve led. You’re the Scorpion woman. I just honor you. And I honor the life you’ve led and how you’ve allowed the Lord to use you. And your just big, beautiful heart.

Elaine [00:30:43] Well those are nice words.

Ellie [00:30:46] So inspirational for me. It really is.

Elaine [00:30:49] Well, it’s just that you turn your life into their life.

Ellie [00:30:53] Wow. I love that!

Sherri [00:30:56] Okay. Thank you all so much for listening. I know you have been riveted by every story like we have. You know, if you’re watching this, you saw me and Ellie, like, Oh, mouth open. If you not watching, you’re listening via podcast. We were just waiting with bated breath for every word because I just love to hear about the faithfulness of God and situations that seem impossible. So to wrap up, thank you, Elaine. Thank you, Ellie Thank you to everyone who is listening. We appreciate you joining us.

Sherri [00:31:27] We hope you enjoyed the conversation and that you will join us next time. But before you go, I want to remind you, this is being brought to you by Crista Senior Living and Kings schools. And you can find out more about these ministries at And please take a moment to leave us a review. By the way, we’d love to hear from you. And our final challenge to you is this. Look around you and find the eyes of wisdom in your own life. We’ll see you next time!

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