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Harvest: Seeds of Sorrow Sprout Joy! | Psalm 126:1-6

We are near the end of our podcast series called “Harvest.” Today is one of those days where Erica is on her 5th cup of coffee. How about you? We’ve all had these kinds of days. Today she dives into Psalm 126:1-6 and we are going to find out what happens when we plant tears. Have you thought of your tears as seeds?

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Hi and welcome to the Bible for busy people. I’m Erica. Did you brew your tea yet? Maybe some delicious cinnamon tea or maybe you brewed a cup of coffee like I did. This is probably my fifth cup of coffee today. Don’t tell. But it’s so wonderful to sit down with something nice and hot during this harvest season and check out what the Bible has to say about harvest, about reaping and sowing and seeds.It’s actually wonderful. It’s full of rich things that you and I can learn together every weekday. You and I study the Bible in seven minutes or less, so are you ready? I’m gonna set down my coffee for a hot second here and pick up the Bible, which is actually on my phone today. We’re gonna be diving into Psalm 126, and we’re gonna hear about what happens when we plant tears and it’s actually something beautiful. Maybe you never thought of your tears as seeds before, but all that’s about to change. You ready for this? Psalm 126. Here we go. 

When the Lord brought back his exiles to Jerusalem, it was like a dream. We were filled with laughter and we sang for joy. And the other nations said, “What amazing things the Lord has done for them. Yes, the Lord has done amazing things for us! What joy! 

Maybe you and I could just pause here for a second and think of something amazing that God has done. I have to tell you, he did something amazing just about an hour ago. I got a text from my mom. My 91 year old grandmother fell down at her nursing home, but she didn’t break a bone. She banged up her knee real good, but she’s doing okay. So, that’s an amazing thing that God did today, and I praise him for that. What’s yours? He’s always doing something amazing. He loves you so much.

Okay, picking it up in Psalm 126, verse four, 

Restore our fortunes, Lord. As streams renew the desert. Those who plant in tears will harvest with shouts of joy. They weep as they go to plant their seed, but they sing as they return with the harvest. 

Isn’t that beautiful? Has there been a time where you cried and cried, you planted those tears, but then some time passed and God did something remarkable and amazing in your life and you were able to say, like the writer of this Psalm that I was able to harvest with shouts of joy.

Were there shouts of joy after that hard thing that happened? I can think of so many experiences in my life, but I wanna tell you a story about a missionary from America who went to North Africa and she was teaching this one Muslim boy, english lessons every day after school. And every day she would try to share about the love of Jesus and how that Jesus died for this boy’s sins.

But as a Muslim, he was having none of it. He did not wanna hear it at all. And finally the boy grew up and was ready to go off to university and he had one more cup of tea. Reminds me, another sip of coffee here. One more cup of tea, with his English teacher and they sat and shared a cup of tea and she tried one more time to witness, to tell this boy how much the Lord Jesus loved him Nothing.

He was immovable and she was so sad. She went to the door to wave goodbye and he began to walk down the street. But for some reason, I believe it was the Lord, the boy turned around and he saw this woman, this missionary with tears streaming down her face and something in him broke. He realized there must be something to what she was sharing with him all of these years.

And that Muslim boy as a young man now off to college, gave his life to the Lord Jesus. I can’t think of a better picture of what we just read in Psalm 126. I’m gonna get it up here again on my phone. Let’s read it again because it’s so beautiful. Those who plant in tears will harvest with shouts of joy. That is a promise from God straight for your heart today.

Until next time, remember you, you are so loved. Thank you so much for listening to the Bible for busy people. If you need prayer or you’re ready to go a little deeper in your faith, we’ve posted some resources for you in our show notes. 

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