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God on the Go

Purposely Presents

God on the Go

by AllMomDoes with Julie Lyles Carr

Feelings Car Quiz
Feelings Car Quiz
Feelings: Awe
Feelings: Joy
Feelings: Boredom
Feelings: Calm
Feeling Confused
Feelings: Awkward
God on the Go: Get Ready Car Quiz
Get Ready For Tomorrow
Get Ready to Stay
Get Ready To See
Get Ready to GO
God on the Go: Get Ready – Advent Means Ready for Adventure!
God on the Go: Gratitude Car Quiz
Be a Gratitude Leader
God on the Go: Gratitude for the Lesson
God on the Go: Gratitude When You’re Angry
God on the Go: Gratitude Hide and Seek
God on the Go: Gratitude When You’re Sad
God on the Go: Gratitude When Things Are Good
God on the Go: What is GRATITUDE?
God on the Go: Car Quiz and Asking New Questions
God on the Go: New Feelings
God on the Go: New Goals
God on the Go: New Routines

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About This Podcast

Podcast Description

God on the Go is a short teaching-style podcast released each Sunday evening. Early in the week, listen to the 5-7 minute teaching. Then throughout the week you can reflect on the memory verse, share the prayer prompts with your kids, laugh over the fun facts, and ask conversation starters about the teaching that will help apply to their daily life. Built with your family in mind, and the seasons you are in, God on the Go will help you point your kids to Jesus IN the moment – every day! Want more information? Text GO to 89419. If you live in Canada please text GODONTHEGO to 866-729-1065.

Meet Julie

About Julie

Coffee Snob, except the opposite of that…let’s try Coffee Nonpartisan. As in, any coffee, all the time. Devoted runner…except when I’m not. Wife to Michael, the most beautiful man I ever did see. Mom to eight kids. ‘Cuz I’m edgy like that. Writing, speaking, photography, ministry. Sleep yearner. More about Julie


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