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The Bonfire with Jesse Bradley

Purposely Presents

The Bonfire

with Jesse Bradley

No More Compromise
No More Compromise
Tested and True
Your First Love
The Battle Belongs to God
Get in the Game
The Devil is Defeated
The Protection of God
Take Off Your Grave Clothes
How God Heals
How God’s Power Works
The Lord’s Prayer
Bold Prayers
How to Pray With Faith
Don’t Miss The Moment
The Benefits of Prayer & Fasting
Persistent Prayers
How to Intentionally Pray
How To Reach Your City
The Joy of Generosity
Hope Leads to Revival
Take The Next Step
Do Not Give Up
Religion Doesn’t Satisfy
The Hope of Jesus
How to be Changed by God

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About This Podcast

Podcast Description

Do you want to experience more of God’s presence? How often do you feel stuck, stressed, empty, frustrated, unmotivated, alone but sense you have a greater purpose? What’s the passion that ignites your soul and makes your life vibrant?

God’s greatest gift to you is His presence. God is love. God is light. God is a consuming fire. The Bonfire is a place for gathering, celebrating, and refining. The Bonfire is a place for community. The Bonfire is a place to experience Jesus and learn to abide with Him. God will meet you right where you are. He brings embers together and builds a bonfire.

About Jesse

Jesse Bradley is a pastor, evangelist, author, and former professional soccer player. He read the Bible for the first time and came to know Jesus through a religion class at Dartmouth College, and a has a master’s degree in theology from Dallas Theological Seminary. He serves as the lead pastor at Grace Community Church (, a multigenerational and multiethnic church family in the greater Seattle area. He leads people to Jesus through digital outreach, and a recent gospel campaign resulted in over 480.000 people deciding to follow the Lord for the first time. Jesse has appeared on many television networks and a range of shows from Good Morning America to NBC News (

Jesse’s soccer career ended with a tragic illness in Africa as he was fighting for his life for a year, and it took ten years to fully recover. Through this restoration story, God birthed a new passion and purpose in Jesse’s heart. He discovered a vibrant and indestructible hope that is available to everyone. He encourages and empowers people to abide with Jesus and cultivate transformative habits. Jesse and Laurie have four active teenagers and a patient dog named Bella.

You can also hear Jesse on SPIRIT 105.3 in Seattle with Erica Parkerson, and on-demand here on Purposely, on Faith Filter.

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