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By Faith - The Amazing Story of CRISTA's Early Years

Purposely Presents

By Faith

The Amazing Story of CRISTA’s Early Years

The Beginning of King’s Teens

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Today, we live in a world that  is asking, “Can God?” Do we believe miracles and promises from God are for another age? Hebrews tells us plainly that God is the same today as he was yesterday. The story of Mike Martin and Vivian is the story of miracles, of prayers answers, of mountains moved. It is the story that could have only been realized By Faith and nothing else. It is the testament that God is at work today and that the miraculous can happen each and every day if we are willing to see it. Witness how one man’s simple yes impacted thousands and birthed a ministry still changing the world 75 years later.

About CRISTA Ministries

Based just north of Seattle since its founding in 1949, and with a reach both locally and globally, CRISTA exists to transform lives with the Gospel of Jesus Christ through our sustainable, Biblical Christian ministries: CRISTA Media, King’s Schools, CRISTA Senior Living, World Concern and CRISTA Camps

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