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God on the Go: Distractions – With Criticism

Julie takes on the world of criticism, putting it under the microscope and showing us how it differs from helpful feedback. With a sprinkle of wisdom from her kids’ dance battles and wisdom from scripture, she champions the art of staying strong against naysayers. Her secret recipe? A dash of positivity, a pinch of focus, and a well-balanced mix of critique and applause.

This Week!

Monday Story:

  • I’m a writer and I had to make a decision a long time ago to not get distracted by criticism. Criticism is when someone is judging you for your work or for how you live you life. It’s different than if you’re making dangerous choices or running toward sin. It’s about opinon. There are people I listen to (editors), there are people I care about (my readers), but I can’t let everyone’s opinion get me distracted. Our kids’ dance experience with critiques. Daniel stayed focused on praying, even when he was criticized for it and thrown in the lion’s den.

Tuesday Key Verse:

  • Ephesians 4:29 – Say only what helps, each word a gift.

Wednesday Prayer:

  • Lord, let me stay focused on the things you have asked me to do, even if my classmates don’t understand, even if a friend doesn’t understand. Help me not make other people’s criticism more important than you.

Thursday Question:

  • What is something you’ve been criticized for?

Friday Fun Fact:

  • Q: How many positive things should you say for every one thing you need to critique someone on?
  • A: Research shows that you should say at least 6 positive things for every one correction you need to make.

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Show Notes:

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