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God on the Go! A New Podcast To Infuse Jesus into Your Everyday Busy Moments

How often do you wish you had a simple, short, and easy to use tool to help you transform everyday moments into something extraordinary? God On the Go is a new type of podcast from AllMomDoes to help you reclaim daily moments with your kids and infuse Jesus into your on the go lifestyle.

God on the Go is a short podcast. It’s released each Sunday evening, so you’ll have it for the week ahead. We designed this for your family to enjoy together. On Monday, you can listen to the short podcast teaching as a family, and then throughout the week you’ll receive daily texts for the memory verse, prayer prompts, fun facts, and conversation starters.

We built this with your family, your time in mind to help you connect as a family and with Jesus in the moment.

Text the word Go to 89419. If you are in Canada, text GodOntheGo to 866-729-1065

God on the Go will begin on August 14th, 2023!

Special thanks to George Fox University for sponsoring the God on the Go Podcast!

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