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NEW Podcast Miniseries “Hope When Life Hurts” Starts November 10th!

We are so excited to announce the launch of a new podcast miniseries hosted by Erica Parkerson! This 5-episode miniseries is called “Hope When Life Hurts.” You’ve heard “there is a light at the end of the tunnel.” That’s true. But there can also be light IN the tunnel. Each week you are going to hear from someone who found a light IN the tunnel. You’ll hear how God showed up in the tunnel of grieving through the holidays, the tunnel of a parent’s worst nightmare, the tunnel of a frightening medical diagnosis, the tunnel of almost dying, and the tunnel of loss of a loved one. Join us starting November 10th, as we embark on a journey together. We know the struggle is real, but so is the hope.

Our guide will be the Light of the World. Our destination is hope!

Listen to “What To Expect In This Podcast Series “Hope When Life Hurts”” on Spreaker.

We are so grateful for Seattle Christian Counseling for helping power this conversation! Consider talking with a caring, skilled professional in person or virtually. Your counselor will listen and offer practical tools you can use to alleviate the anxiety or depression you may be experiencing. Your risk-free initial session is available now!

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