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Talking Dogs by the Canine Behavior Center

Talking Dogs

with Robin Grannell

About This Program

Program Description

Canine Behavior Center was founded over 30 years ago and was one of the pioneers in the field of canine behavior problem solving.  We develop programs that take into consideration the dog’s history, age and temperament.  The schedule and priorities of the dog’s owners, and the goals that they set for themselves and their dogs are of primary importance. Canine Behavior Center uses a positive approach to canine behavior problem solving.  The emphasis is in making excellent handlers of the dog’s owners.  We teach the dog’s family how to break the old patterns and how to create a new set of behaviors in the dog.

We have an in-depth understanding of the problems of dogs that live in an urban society and of the importance and complexity of those relationships that develop between dogs and their human families.

Robin Grannell

About Robin

Robin Grannell is the CEO of Canine Behavior Center, Inc. and has been a Canine Behaviorist for over 23 years.   She acquired Canine Behavior Center, Inc. in 1996, runs the day-to-day operations, and stays involved doing private behavior modification and training, seminars, and training classes.  Additionally, Robin does volunteer work for Summit Assistance Dogs.  Summit is a non-profit organization that trains Assistance Dogs for people with disabilities.  Robin also conducts Pre-Adoption Seminars for Positive Alliance, a non-profit organization that organizes events to place dogs from various shelters into good homes.   These seminars are designed to help people get answers to their questions about adopting a dog before actually picking one out.  Prior to being a Canine Behaviorist, Robin was a buyer for a large corporation. She wanted a career that was more fulfilling and something that she was passionate about, so Robin studied to be a Canine Behaviorist; a decision that she has never regretted.

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